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Writer's Community

with Jacob Nordby and Lauren Sapala

Only 97 available spots for this launch group!

Are you called to write but …

Have an inner calling to write but often find yourself stuck, ashamed of your lack of progress – and confused by why all of those other people seem to write and share themselves with the world – but it remains so difficult for you?

You’re not alone!

The leaders of this new community, Jacob Nordby and Lauren Sapala have worked with thousands of writers. They have discovered the most common reasons that writers stay hidden, stymied, and embarrassed that they can’t seem to create all of the wise, beautiful things that exist in them.

If you procrastinate or find yourself with chronic writer’s blockthere’s nothing wrong with you!

Hint: there are probably old traumatic experiences embedded in your nervous system that need gentleness and research-based practices to heal so that you can create more effortlessly.

Have you ever wished …

that you could find a guided writing community to support your growth, healing, and creative development?

You just did!

Watch this video in which Jacob Nordby & Lauren Sapala describe this new group – and invite you to join us


3:41 procrastination – causes and cures

7:04 the problem of isolation and what to do about it

12:06 why shame is the ultimate shut-down

17:32 what this group offers for writers at every level

28:31 details to join the limited launch group

Become the Writer YOU Were Always Meant to Be

Write the Story That’s Calling to You

Whether you’ve always dreamed of writing your memoir, or you have a novel inside you waiting to be born, the Heal + Create Writer’s Community will help you begin to nurture that creative seed.

Whether you’re drawn to short stories, poetry, songwriting, or cultivating a regular journaling practice, all forms of writers and writing are welcome in the Heal + Create Writer’s Community.

* Special focus on highly-sensitive, empathic, and introverted writers.

What's included in the Heal + Create Writer's Community program?

group workshops

Two monthly 90-minute online workshops with Jacob and Lauren – highly experiential and interactive. Replays provided for all workshops so you won't miss a thing.

Silent writing sessions

Bi-weekly online silent writing groups that will help you focus and ... do the work

Expert Guest Teachers

Once per quarter, you will have a special experience with experts in publishing, editing, PR, and the various writing styles – inspiring and designed to help you develop your writing skills and career ... at your speed

Writing prompts

Weekly writing prompts to your email to keep you inspired and moving forward

private community

Connect with each other and your mentors in a dedicated private community on this site! Plus access all of your courses, forum, and replays in one place.
* Coming soon: mobile app for iPhone and Android

Heal + Create Benefits

Enjoy 50% off online courses on writing and creative development, 20% off Heal + Create virtual retreats and events, and 10% off in-person events ... PLUS Heal + Create is a full-featured community in development – you get access to all of the general benefits as they are added!

It all starts with the Kick-Off virtual retreat!

Saturday & Sunday, April 30 – May 1

We will open our launch group with a special Heal + Create Writer’s Virtual Retreat that will help you begin get set for a year of creative restoration and breakthrough.

See below for all the details!

When you select your monthly or annual membership, your first payment is your ticket to this retreat.

Not sure you can commit to the community yet? Purchase the Retreat-Only Pass and join us.

Let's Get Started!

Monthly Member
$ 69 Per Month
  • Includes Kick-off Retreat Pass & all Replays
Annual Member
$ 767 Annually
  • Includes Kick-off Retreat Pass & all Replays
Kickoff Retreat Only
$ 97 One Time
  • Includes Kick-off Retreat Pass & all Replays

Only 97 available spots for this launch group!

Joining us for the Kick-Off Retreat only? That’s great … plenty of room still.

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