Author: Jacob Nordby

Jacob Nordby

How not to f*ck up at journaling (like I did at first)

I want to let myself be a cautionary tale because I’ve been sharing the life-changing benefits of using your journal for self-discovery, healing, and transformation. You should know that I didn’t always do it right. I pretty much fucked it up and wondered why I wasn’t getting the value from it that all the books and experts said I would.

Jacob Nordby

Neil Gaiman reads “A Christmas Carol”

This has all the best elements for me. Neil Gaiman is in the pantheon of my literary deities–I don’t know of another living writer who embodies storytelling skill as masterfully as he does.

His reading of A Christmas Carol takes me back to childhood. I grew up without television and movies, so it was a very big deal for my brothers and sisters and me to gather around the radio on Christmas Eve and try to tune into a broadcast of the old Campbell’s Soup dramatized version of Dickens’s famous old tale.

Jacob Nordby

How Jaxon Became Immortal

I really don’t know how to write this story now, because it’s about a small stray cat who was not well when he came in from the cold and it’s not a surprise that he didn’t make it, not really. We hoped that he would flourish with good food and warmth and love, you know? We imagined him sleek and complacent as The Cat Himself, lounging in the sunshine on the back of the couch someday if we could give him what he needed.

Jacob Nordby

Tales of Jaxon S Feral – The Last Chapter

I feel strange writing this cat story today. Yesterday, the news was full of horrible stories about how humans in Texas and Ohio killed lots of people. I don’t watch or read news, but those headlines were unavoidable. If you were alive in America on August 4, 2019 and had an Internet connection, you know what I’m talking about.