Books by Jacob Nordby

The Creative Cure

The author’s third book, The Creative Cure is now available!

In this book, Jacob seeks to expand the meaning of creativity as he is convinced that everyone is creative, and that this energy is meant to fill every part of life with aliveness.

The creative cure already lives in each of us and when we find it, our sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment automatically increases.

Also available on Audible – unabridged version read by the author

Blessed Are The Weird

In this book, Jacob offers a bold new definition of success in the modern era

The only success now is living and creating a work-of-art life: unique, rich with meaning, naked of anything we don’t care about, and ruthless about carving out something absolutely real from a world that has gorged itself on fakeness and become critically ill from it. The only failure now is pulling back from that quest because of fear.

Expanding upon his short original “Blessed Are the Weird” piece that became a viral phenomenon, he traces the roots of soulful artistry and creation to ancient times and back again to reveal the insistent, eternal quest of our true natures that demands something real—as if our very existence depends upon it.

This book is available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audio

The Divine Arsonist

The author’s first novel was written during a period of tremendous personal loss and transformation. Not long before this time, he was a successful entrepreneur with several ventures.

While outwardly appearing to be on the fast track, he was struggling with a sense of being lost, exhausted, and lacking purpose in his life. He attended a meditation retreat at the invitation of one of his employees in 2007. This turned out to be a watershed event. It was a shamanic initiation (and he didn’t know how to spell “shaman” at the time).

This experience sent him into a time of breakdown and breakthrough that changed everything. He felt as though a “divine arsonist” had set fire to his life and everything he believed to be true. He wrote this book while living in Austin, Texas. While fiction, it is highly autobiographical.

This book is available in paperback, ebook, and audio

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