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I work in the traditional publishing field, helping writers connect their books and work with audiences around the world. I also love to offer occasional online courses focused on creativity, personal transformation, and healing. I take a very limited number of private clients for creative guidance, and teach at select events. If you would like to find out if we should work together in one or more of those ways, please send me a message and we can begin the exploration. When you do that, you are added to my list and I will update you on new courses or in-person events.

See below for more detailed information

1). Single sessions: 90 minutes of focused, intuitive time together via phone or video conference at $150

2). Custom-tailored longer engagements ranging from 3-6 months, depending upon your needs.

  • Specific book industry-related guidance including the writing process, marketing, and author platform development

  • Personal guidance: intuitive sessions focused on spotting challenges, anxiety, and creative stuckness.

  • Please contact me for a quote on the engagement that is suited to your situation.

Here’s a list of frequently-heard challenges or limiting beliefs:

  • I am not fulfilled by my work, but I am not sure what to do about it.

  • I have an idea, but I don’t know where to start to make it real.

  • What I make has to be perfect. Otherwise, it’s not worth my time.

  • I doubt my talents and abilities, and I don’t think I’m good enough.

  • I start projects but then abandon them, and I’m not sure why.

  • I give all my energy to something else (my job, my family, my friends … ), so I don’t have any energy left for myself.

  • I see myself as a creative person, but I don’t think my creativity is valued by others.

  • (Note: I totally borrowed this list from a creative coach because these are the same things I hear all the time.)

What’s the difference between “creative guidance” and Coaching?

There are many different styles of coaching and a skillful coach can often assist their clients in identifying a particular behavior or thought habit that is hindering their performance in a certain area. This has tremendous value and many people gain a lot of benefit by working with a coach.

My work differs in that I employ a highly intuitive approach that is centered around my conviction that “you are the expert on you.” I know that you have all of the answers you need within. My job is not to hand you a checklist but to listen deeply for the core questions—the ones that will lead to the heart of what you need. The answers you seek are contained in the questions. As we refine the questions, they point the way to what you need to change or transform so that your desires can become reality.

In many cases, my work and life experience can then serve to support your discovery with highly practical strategies and actions. Most sessions end with a specific plan dealing with the most pressing questions.

I use a threefold process of:

  • Self Discovery

  • Self Acceptance

  • Transformation

When you are led into the heart of your own creative nature in this way, you learn to apply it any area of your life. This process is empowering and keeps you at the center of your own growth—it helps you align your true self with the goals you wish to achieve.

* NOTE: I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. Guidance sessions with me are not to be substituted for help from mental health professionals, physicians, or counselors. Depending upon your needs, I may suggest the services of a different professional.

I have a long history in entrepreneurial ventures. Founded and built a landscape company, mortgage brokerage, tech venture, and real estate investment firm. These experiences gave me a background in sales, marketing, leadership, and business strategy.

10 years experience in writing and publishing—both as indie/freelance and
traditional. Published work:

  • Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield & other authors: contributing
    author—Hierophant Publishing 2012

  • The Divine Arsonist—A Tale of Awakening: novel—Manifesto Publishing
    2012 visit Books page

    • voiceover narration for audio version released by Cherry Hill

  • The Thought that Changed My Life Forever with Dr. Bernie Siegel and
    others: contributing author—Morgan James Publishing 2012

  • Blessed Are the Weird—A Manifesto for Creatives: non-fiction—Manifesto
    Publishing 2016 visit Books page

    • voiceover narration for audio version released by Tantor Media

  • When Heaven Touches Earth with James Van Praagh, Lisa McCourt &
    others: contributing author—Hierophant Publishing 2016

  • Under Contract: The Creative Cure: nonfiction—Hierophant
    Publishing set to release 2020

  • Previous Contributing Writer/Editor-at-large:

    • The Good Men Project

    • Elephant Journal

  • Creative UnBootcamp: online course—ongoing. Thousands of people around
    the world have attended this course since it began in 2014.

  • Guest teacher & co-producer: The Gathering of the Shamans with don
    Miguel Ruiz, Sr. & other teachers—ongoing, Sedona, AZ

  • Co-producer & teacher: The Gathering of the Creatives with Julia
    Cameron & other teachers—ongoing, Santa Fe, NM

Book and Event Production & Marketing:

In my role as Marketing Director with Insight Events USA & Hierophant
Publishing I have participated in the development, production, and marketing of books and/or events with the
following figures:

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Gregg Braden

  • Randy Davila

  • Byron Katie

  • don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., and don Jose Ruiz

  • HeatherAsh Amara

  • Panache Desai

  • James Van Praagh

  • Dr. Steven Farmer

  • Karen Curry Parker

  • Lisa McCourt

  • SARK

  • Flora Bowley

  • Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

  • Barnet Bain

  • Gangaji

  • and others

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