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What we do here will become the foundation for an ongoing community of support, inspiration, and continued growth. As such, you are joining as a charter member at no cost. We are developing a polished membership site that will do a lot of stuff — but for now, you’re helping us form the basis of something really exciting. When the time comes to move into the full membership platform, we’ll invite you to join us with extra special charter member benefits.

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During my book launch phase, I need some help!

Remember how this is a “we thing”? I have my hands full with getting the word out and it will make a big difference if you will …

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You’ll get an email that gives you a link to create your Creative Tribe profile. Once you’re in, you can update with your picture and a little bit about yourself. We’ll invite you to join The Creative Cure Community private group!

We’ll also give you instructions for how to join the daily prompts texting thing, and other fun stuff.

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Meet the Technical Wizard

This guy is my brother, Nate. We’ve been doing cool things together since we were still in diapers (who knows, maybe we’ll do things together in diapers when we’re very, very old, too).

Nate expresses his creativity in many ways, but when he loses track of time it’s usually when he’s making art out of computer code.

He and I are putting the bones of The Institute for Creative Living together right now, and I could not be more grateful to have him join me in all of these projects. He’s wicked smart and funny.

You’ll have the chance to get better acquainted with Nate soon!

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